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Mollusk Warm Wetsuits Fitting Guide

How to put on a wetsuit

Check out the videos below to see how to properly put on your new wetsuit.

Notes on Fitting

  • New wetsuits can be hard to put on. The material will loosen up when wet, and will conform to your body with use.
  • The neck, wrists and ankles might feel tight. They prevent water from flushing in and out of the suit, and will loosen with use.
  • Extra neoprene in the armpit is okay. This helps with paddling and range of motion.
  • Watch out for those fingernails! They can put holes in your suit.

Signs of Poor Fit (after correctly putting on)

  • Too big: Excessive bunching around the torso and/or top of legs.
  • Too small: material’s stitching is stretched to the point where it is very shiny; range of motion is severely limited.

Proper Care

  • Do not stand on the suit material. It can damage the suit, especially on a rough beach parking lot.
  • Rinse your wetsuit inside and out in cool, fresh water after each use.
  • Hang dry inside-out, folded at the waste, out of direct sunlight.
  • Occasionally soak with wetsuit shampoo, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Never iron or use a clothes washer or dryer.

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